Tips For Writing Science Fiction

As a writer you will be facing a lot of difference challenges both as a writer and a world developer.  When we write, a lot of different things will begin to fill your mind.  Some of these will be, will anyone like our stories?  What should I do in a specific situation?  Can I succeed?  These and many more questions will come to you as an alternative science fiction author.

Write your endings first

One trick that you should use as an author is to write your endings first.  One of the hardest things an author will face is trying to come up with a great ending.  In fact, most books that you read the endings are disappointing simply because they are rushed, or authors just don’t know how to end their stories.  If you write the ending first, as well as several different endings, you know where you are going and don’t have to make it up as you go.

Don’t write in a linear fashion

Another issue is that many writers will write in a linear fashion.  This means they will write from the first page to the last page.  If you have issues doing this, jump around.  For many authors a good thing to do would be to write scenes.  These scenes can be considered as small stories.  When you have a collection of these scenes you can then simply arrange them in a specific order and tie them together with a few pages of filler text.

alternative science fiction author

Use the three-stage system

There is a simple three stage system when it comes to writing.  The stages are beginning, middle and end.  When you write you want to follow this pattern.  You want to start with a basic beginning that leads to an event or action then that leads to the conclusion.  For example, bob opens the door, walks into the room and closes the door. 

As a writer you will want to sue these basic steps in your writing.  With these and some practice you can have some amazing writings.